So having to work out how a divorce will affect your mortgage is not.. partner wants to take over the mortgage and keep the house after a divorce?. in place will the lender remove your ex-partner's name from the mortgage.

If the spouse who was awarded the home falls behind on the mortgage, goes into. The recourse for your ex failing to remove your name from the mortgage can.

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Dear PRE, One of the most common misperceptions during a divorce is that the divorce decree cancels previous credit contracts. In fact, the divorce decree is simply an agreement between you, your ex-spouse and the court regarding who will take responsibility for paying the existing debts.. A Divorce Decree Does Not Remove Accounts from Your Credit Report

Determine whether the buyer is ready After a divorce. residence mortgage or other properties, and remove himself or herself from liabilities that may affect the ability to obtain credit. As part of.

After the divorcing. and split the proceeds. One ex-spouse keeps the home and refinances the mortgage to remove the other from the loan. Both former spouses keep the house temporarily. shawn leamon.

In this post, our top-rated Orlando divorce attorney explains when and how a divorcing couple can get one spouse’s name removed from the mortgage. florida courts Cannot Force a Lender to Remove a Name A mortgage lender is under no obligation to remove either spouse’s name from the mortgage.

If you are buying out your spouse's equity in the home, your mortgage. can refinance the mortgage note on the residence and remove your spouse's name from the note. There is usually a time frame after the divorce where you can refinance.

When a divorce is tried, the judge usually either requires a marital home to be sold, with the proceeds divided between the spouses, or it orders one spouse’s name to be removed from the deed and.

A quitclaim deed is commonly used to remove a spouse’s name from the title in a divorce. Navigating the decision to stay or sell Kathy Kristof filed for divorce in 2002 after 16 years of marriage..

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